Children have an opportunity to work with our professionally trained football coach who is also a qualified PE teacher.

Tony Milstead, who is the Player Development Coach for Wycombe Wanderers Football Club, comes to Nursery once a fortnight to work with groups of children. He helps them to learn different physical and mental skills through ball play, using a variety of equipment. His fun sessions help them with co-ordination, fitness and physical development, together with learning to participate with other children.

Football sessions usually take place on the playing field at Nursery. However, during bad weather these take place indoors.

Parents are requested to provide their children with trainers specifically for football sessions, so that they can change into their other footwear when in Nursery. Parents are also asked to provide leggings or jogging pants for their children for these sessions. 

Fathers (or substitute) are invited during the summer term to join their children in the last football session.