Mathematical understanding should be developed through stories, songs, games, building and imaginative play.


Children gradually know and use numbers and counting in play, and eventually recognise and use numbers reliably, to develop mathematical ideas and to solve problems. Children develop an awareness of the relationship between numbers and amounts and know that numbers can be combined to be ‘added together’ and can be separated by ‘taking away’ and that two or more amounts can be compared.

Shape, Space and Measures

Talking about shapes and quantities, and developing appropriate vocabulary, children use their knowledge to develop ideas and to solve mathematical problems.

Recognising Numbers

When you are out together with your child, help them notice numbers wherever you go.

You can easily find door numbers, car registrations, prices in shops, speed limit signs and many more.

Maybe your child will see the numeral for the number of years old they are? Do they know how old they will be next time they have a birthday?