What Parents Say About Us

What Parents Say About Us

We have received very positive comments from families whose children have attended the Nursery from September 2016 to July 2017.

Here are some excerpts from the comments which are typical:

Amazing staff and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for being there for my son.  Amazing 100%.

I am very happy with Nursery staff and teaching.  I would definitely recommend anyone to send their children to Cippenham Nursery.  My daughter learned all good things and she enjoys to come to school.  All the best to all staff and Nursery.

We (as has --- too) have been delighted with CNS from start to finish.  Thank you to all the staff involved with ---'s development. --- has only ever had good words to say about CNS.

There is no doubt about Cippenham Nursery.

--- is always happy when she goes to Nursery.  She start speak English very fast.

I would definitely recommend this Nursery.  Nice and friendly staff.  Well organised.

--- has had a great time at Nursery, he talks a lot about it, his friends and teachers.  He likes to tell me what he has learnt and sings nursery songs.  I know he will miss everyone.  I have been so happy with the nursery, they have given me great feedback and support with ---, he has learnt so much – so thank you.

I have been extremely happy with this Nursery, they have always supported me and my child.

Excellent Nursery.  Dedicated staff who demonstrate a positive approach to caring and teaching children.  My daughter will have happy memories of Cippenham Nursery, as will I.  Thank you.

---’s confidence has grown and he has matured a lot over the last year.  He listens at Nursery and retells his learning at home, using words that you do not expect to hear from 3 /4 year olds.  He is always happy to come to Nursery and he enjoys his time here.

The support --- has received has been exemplary.  From a position of significant delay, both emotional and physical, you have brought him on more than we could have hoped for.  Thank you!

Thanks for all the care, guidance and beautiful experience given to --- during her foundation year in the Nursery.  I wish it was for 2 yrs instead of 1.  Thanks to all the teachers and helpers who made it so beautiful.

I am so pleased with this nursery.  The staff is so friendly and nice.  My daughter always happy when she goes there.  She has learnt so many good things & the teachers really helped her to build her self-confidence by encouraging her all the time.  Thank you all the staff for being so helpful and kind!

I sincerely hope that the Nursery carries on giving children the best start to their education.  --- has flourished since being here and I hope others benefit in years to come.  Thank you once again.

--- has really enjoyed his time at Cippenham Nursery and is very sad to be leaving.  The staff has always been welcoming and friendly and happy to discuss my concerns.  We will miss the school and staff.

The best nursery with the best staff, it’s that simple.  --- and all our family will miss you all.  Coffee anyone?  Thank you all so much.

These extracts are all taken from parent feedback forms completed in July 2017.