At Cippenham Nursery School our Mission Statement aims for everyone who enters our school to be “Happy To Be Here, To Play, Learn, Care, Share and Be Ourselves.”We are committed to supporting the well-being of all those involved in the life of our school.

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Throughout the year we observe all the children, using the Leuven Scales of Well-being and Involvement. When children are happy, show high levels of well-being and are able to become deeply involved in their play, they are able to make greater progress in their learning. We value the knowledge and experience of parents and carers and work in partnership to build on the children’s previous learning and to raise their levels of Well-being and Involvement.

All the staff members, who work directly with the children have had training on attachment and the effects of technology/screens on young children’s brains.

We continue to work towards becoming an attachment aware school, giving us a greater understanding of the individual needs of each child.

If you would like to visit our nursery, please call to make an appointment. We welcome parental and community involvement and hope you enjoy spending time at Cippenham Nursery School.



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